Sexy Sax Man Proverb

The Saxophone player showcase sexy sax man

You could tell that his demeanor was serious

He was ready to tame everyone in the area

And make the crowds roar in hysteria.


The sexy sax man sax player held his head very high

He believed in his music and knew he was fly

He’d walk among the people with protection from the sky

And observed his surroundings with a very wistful eye.


The Sax player gave sexy sax man hopes and dreams

He was willing to take himself through the most extreme

So that he could get the roars and screams

In a concert, he’d play in New Orleans.


So he began the journey through the world of new

Traveled across the south and the west and east too

Held his saxophone tight playing all kinds of blues

Carrying Afro jazz in his soul as most Nigerians do.


And he made his way into the streets of the city

There he was, right into the nitty gritty

And the lights of Louisiana were so bright and pretty

The best place for a man who was smart and witty.


“There’s the sexy sax man sax player! He’s new in town!

I want him to show me if he can get down”

And as they dared him to perform he did not frown

But played the most beautiful music for everyone around.


“Sexy sax man sax player! Your skills delight me!

Your sounds strike me in the heart!

            They make me feel free!

I’m sure everyone here would agree

That your masterful sound fill everyone with glee”


“I have to be honest! I am impressed!

And I meant this, I don’t say it in jest!

I didn’t expect this! You’re different from the rest!

Please, accept my request and be my guest!

I beg you grace, this isn’t a test!

I come from the west and I want to hire you.

If we work together we’ll show the world

            That you’re the best.”