Shola Emmanuel: A Hot Sax Player

A Poem About Shola Emmanuel:

A Nigerian hot sax icon
Shola Emmanuel
A creator of harmony
That communicates through his loving melody
In the most selfless expression
Of African pride.

Virtuous player of metals
Your story of success shall be told
As these lines come to life
And depict your journey
Through the world of music.

You used a trumpet as a tool
To break through the silence of the room
And before thousands of souls
You made history
With your sultry sounds
While playing in Paris.

The crowd went wild over your stellar performance
And you spread your wings and flew high
While we witnessed the magic
As the rising star of African Jazz
Was delivering his swing hot trumpet
Through the immortal sounds
Of soulful music.

But the trumpet wasn’t enough
You expanded your horizons
And tamed the beasts of Jazz and Soul
Mastering the bold notes produced by brass
Becoming a hot sax Player
The best of your time.

Pure passion poured into this human vessel
The raw talent of a man
That goes beyond the instruments
And facilitates human connection
Through his deep love
For African Jazz.

The three elements of grace
That allowed him to excel as an artist
With passion
And dedication
For his craft
As a Hot Sax Player.

The creation of Yoruba Project
Brought joy to the world of African Jazz
An ode to our roots
A melodic embrace
Of true passion.

Then came Kind of Music
In the western style of the new world
As the sounds of your soul
Played through your work.

Nigerian roots, international reach
One African born man with a heart of gold
And a hunger for success
Oh, Shola Emmanuel
You shall be deemed a legend
Your originality and essence
Shine through your tunes
As you conquer the world
With your enchanting music and hot sax.