Afrobeat Songs: The New Dance Music​

Traditional rituals of self expression

Painting the sky with colors

As the bodies move

And skin shines

Proudly presenting the hues

And dance the beat of our blood to afrobeat songs

Perpetuating the motion of our nature

As a veneration to our history

And we sway night and day

In perfect sync

With our African culture.


The community of beats

Is an invitation of happiness

That invokes truth and unity

As the people come together

In cheerful moves

The smiles and the afrobeat songs

Are one with the wind

As we make our dreams turn into a reality

And you can feel it in your heart

You can sense it with your mind

The music comes to life through our steps

And the hands are thrown up in the air

It’s a soul in motion

Reviving the will of our ancestors

Immortalizing our sounds

Into the world of the new.


Listen to the soft chants of joy

They will guide your steps

And protect your intentions

As you let go of your inhibitions

And feel the beats of our music

Taking control of every inch.


Afrobeat songs

The new dance music

A sound inspired by the roots of a country

That will not falter

And will not give up

A place full of wonders

And fruitful blessings

With the protection of the sun and the moon

And the guidance of our inherited wisdom.


Afrobeat songs!

Let the rhythm of our people

Stimulate your every sense

Feel it deep inside you

And indulge.

Our tender beats of passion

Echo across the world

As our essence lives on

In the most pure practice

Of love and honor.