Sax Love (IFE FERE)

An ode to the sounds of glory aka sax love

A repetition of the greatest songs of our time

A man plays the tunes of yesterday

And a woman sings along

Evoking human connection

And forging the bonds of peace

That unite the people from all walks of life

And fans the flame in the hearts

Of all those who seek warmth

Because the fire of passion

Never dies

Never falter

Never ends.


An interpreter of sax love always comes through

A person steps up and comes forward

Stripping away all the layers

With no inhibitions

And sings away like there’s no tomorrow

Or plays an instrument from their heart and soul

Pouring their passion into their performance

Becoming a graceful muse that breaks through the pain

Cleansing the world from sorrow

Putting the corrupted to sleep

With the melody of love

The melody of peace.


A memory is unlocked

By someone who honors the sounds of our soul

And the past is no longer before us

You feel it on your skin

It comes crawling back

Slowly taking over you

And the sadness

And the pain

Or the joy and happiness

It all comes rushing in

As if the moment was repeated

As if you were going through it again

And the music was nurturing you

Revealing a new meaning

That you did not see before

Because personal growth comes with new perspectives

Even through the same songs.


And when the reproduction of these playful chords strikes the heart

A new door cracks open

Granting access to a reality

That has been influenced by music

Through the revival of human nature

In a ritual of love

And you feel different

As soon as the beats enter your ear

And they resonate within you

Your vision changes

Everything becomes brighter

As if it was made better

By music.