Famous Flute Players

Although it may seem a bit dark and gray

I truly don’t want them to go away!

The famous flute players apparitions

Are the ghosts of great musicians

Some are still alive, some have passed away

A different one visits me at the end of every day

They put me to bed every single night

And I fall asleep listening to their tunes of delight!

They play me songs with their famous flute

With overtones of jazz and blues.


So I have to tell you…

There are famous flute players in my bed!

I swear I see them

It’s not all in my head!

Last night I was with Jethro Tull

He polished notes and played for me

“Forever in love” nurtured me into sleep

And the next night I was visited by James Galway!

He produced his famous flute without holding back

As I listened attentively to every track

He was in my bed! He sat next to me!

And I was the happiest I could ever be

Some thing happened and life was getting harder

I felt so empty and like such a martyr

During that night of shadows everything got darker

But then I got the visit of Jean-Pierre Rampal!

He played jazz for me with style and class

As if his soul was an extension of the shiny flute

And you won’t believe who’s here with me tonight

If it isn’t the one and only Mr. Emmanuel Pahud!

I’m so lucky to have all these stars in my bed

And it’s not in my head! They’re here in my bed!

Yeah, some of them are dead…

But if you could get in my head

You’d see them

And believe what I said.