Jazz Music (Head)

An overwhelming wave of passion

Goes through my body at once

While this jazz music echo inside me

And my nature reacts

To the sweet, sweet sound of Jazz.


Jazz music classics delight

A melody that tastes like my lady

Sweet and soft

Nice and smooth

I’m hungry for more

I can never get enough.


Jazz music head

The woman I love

I barely see any difference

They make me a better man

They make me whole.


Only one thing can compare

To the sweet sound of my Jazz

As nothing can make me happier

Than my music

And the warm embrace of my lovely woman.


My lifeblood

The only things I’ll ever need

Are my jazz and my woman

And I’ll calm my hunger

Satiate the craving

For exquisite art.


With the tunes, I heal my pain

Vibrating with it

I lose myself

And slowly let go

Of my woes and my worries

I let it guide me

Floating into the music

Until I find my peace.



I drown my sorrows

And celebrate my life

As I take a deep dive

Into the body of my paramour.


Oh, Jazz music head

You taste like my lady

And what delicious sensation

To be invaded by the love of music

While my other half makes this world a better place.


A song that feels like a kiss

And the voice of my lady that sounds like a song

I cannot tell which one I love more

Both feed my heart and revive my soul.


Jazz music head

You taste like my lady

You enchant me

And I keep falling in love

With these sweet sounds

And I want more.