Mariachi Carol

Work hard play mariachi carol

A Saxophonist is but a vessel

A vehicle for blessings

A human version of the symphony

That reverberates within any bounds

Breaking through the barriers

Expanding the horizons

Spreading joy and glory

With their soulful art

As they enter a life of glamour

That rewards their efforts

With the soft touch of Jazz.


Work hard play mariachi carol

A Saxophonist knows their role

And they’re aware of their importance

But they remain humble

Even though the praises

Because they know that the path they follow

Paves the way for more talent

As they think of the ones that came before them

And inspired their journey

Into the road of music.


Work hard play mariachi carol

A Saxophonist’s job is to please

They know that without their input

The world wouldn’t be the same

The sounds would have no impact

The songs would have no harmony

Saxophonists work hard

And they play even harder

To deliver a selfless offering

Of pure talent

And raw passion

As Jazz comes alive with the punch of metals

But it requires taste

And skillful mastery

Of the beautiful craft

Saxophonists are artists

And they tame the wild

Through their brass

And create the most perfect balance

Of power and grace

Producing a delicate sound

That ropes you in

And enchants you

Without startling you at any moment

Without letting you fall

The sound of Jazz embraces you

Envelops you.


Jazz Saxophonists work hard play mariachi carol

They do all that they can to give us amazing music

And make the world a better place.