Mariachi Carol

Work Hard Play Hard Quotes Work hard play mariachi carol A Saxophonist is but a vessel A vehicle for blessings A human version of the symphony That reverberates within any bounds Breaking through the barriers Expanding the horizons Spreading joy and glory With their soulful art As they enter a life of glamour That rewards their efforts With the […]

Redemption Song Sax lovers and friends Because they take pain and sorrow And they turn it into music Transforming the negative energy Into love Into passion.   Sax lovers and friends concert caress their woodwinds They dig deep into their souls And extract these smooth sounds of jazz While we remain vigilant upon a world That […]

Afrobeat Songs: The New Dance Music​ Traditional rituals of self expression Painting the sky with colors As the bodies move And skin shines Proudly presenting the hues And dance the beat of our blood to afrobeat songs Perpetuating the motion of our nature As a veneration to our history And we sway night and day In perfect sync With our […]

Shola Emmanuel: A Hot Sax Player

hot sax A Poem About Shola Emmanuel: A Nigerian hot sax icon Shola Emmanuel A creator of harmony That communicates through his loving melody In the most selfless expression Of African pride. Virtuous player of metals Your story of success shall be told As these lines come to life And depict your journey Through the world […]