African Jazz Is My Way of Life​

African Jazz is my way of life

Because it honors the sounds of nature

Combining them with the beat of the drums

And making the songs come alive

With the powerful blast of brass

As the influence of our roots

Goes deep into the rivers

That flow through my heart

And feed my essence

With the soulful tenor

And silken grace

In the most profound embrace

Of my loving culture.


African Jazz is my way of life

It resonates with my disposition

And fills my heart with pride

I hold my head high and take in the music

And I can’t help but experience

A profound feeling of admiration

Of those who create

These astounding sounds

Reviving the beats of our people

Perpetuating our race

And glorifying our traditions.


African Jazz is my way of life

And what a good life it is

Always in glee

From the influence

Of the enchanting tunes

That boost my pleasure

And allow me to enjoy

Every moment of my days

Without forgetting

The beautiful place where I come from.


African Jazz is my way of life

It’s a part of who I am

I carry it in my blood

And in my manners

In my walk

The songs of Africa

Are ingrained into my soul

And in the most hip style of Jazz

I ride the wave

Feeling the beat echo into my body

Allowing this wonderful music

To guide my steps

And set the tone

For all the good things in life

African Jazz is joyful

African Jazz is bright

African Jazz is my way of life.