Are you looking to book music gigs to set the right atmosphere for your event by the best saxophonist in Atlanta GA? Shola Emmanuel is an experienced professional saxophone player with a wide range of musical styles and song repertoires in jazz, R&B, Pop, Soul, Funk, Hip-hop, Gospel, Afrobeat, and would be happy to play your requests.

Shola Emmanuel renders the following music gigs:  

  • Saxophone performance
  • Choir/band directing
  • Music Orchestration
  • Song Arrangements
  • Concert/Album Production
  • Tour and Live Musician
  • Sound Editing/Designing
  • Cruise Ship Performance

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A saxophone player is one who plays a single beating reed with a saxophone using his/her mouth to control it. Important to note that the saxophone is commonly referred to as a jazz instrument or a horn. It is mostly used to spice up an event with the sounds it exudes. The magical hands and well-knitted mouth of a good saxophonist in Atlanta GA like Shola Emmanuel, add light, glamour, and spice up the atmosphere of any event during music gigs. Be it a wedding ceremony, birthday celebration, concerts, music production, co-operate occasions amongst so many music gigs.

Concert Saxophone Player

That one is a saxophone player does not qualify him for all music gigs. Just as the saxophone is in type, so are saxophonists. One must become a master to know which best qualifies for an event. And for a concert, this is what you should expect

Music Gigs For Wedding Events

The couple’s taste and choice of music will go a long way to help you discern the range of musical styles to play. It could be classical music, jazz, Hip hop, blues, or rock and roll whichever the couple’s demand.

See the cover of Shola on Jealous

Music Gigs For Birthdays

Birthdays are worth celebrating as they are days friends, loved ones and families come together to reminisce the birth of a special person. It is common that loved one’s book music gigs as birthday surprise package, letting the best saxophonist in Atlanta GA light up the atmosphere with his magical fingers that includes kay’s Cuisine (@kayscuisines) • Instagram photos and videos special tray and cake is a wise choice


Music Gigs For Co-Operate Occasions

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of musical styles and music gigs. Your erudite African saxophonist in Atlanta is not limited to any style nor co-operate occasions or music gigs, he also saves the day on the dance floor.

Embedded, is a video of Shola Emmanuel co-operatively gracing an audience in Abuja with his Nigeria band

Music Gigs For Your Gala Night

By now, you are aware that a saxophone player is versatile in style, sound, and presentation. Leaving the audience with so many goosebumps to deal with. For your big-party-gala night, a saxophone player is your best music gig to book. Don’t just plan on what the audience will eat, the venue, decor, and so on but plan on the saxophonist to set the right atmosphere.

Spice it all up like this…

Saxophone Player to Grace Your Red Carpet

Saxophonists in Atlanta GA and globally do this all the time. Have you ever thought of how your guests will feel standing on the red carpet while there’s a jazzy feeling going round the atmosphere? I am certain that the first exclamation would be a “Wow!”. Followed by an impression that will leave your guests waiting for the next call-up letter of another event from you making right choice while booking for music gigs.

Saxophone Player For Your Cocktail

Music is a powerful tool that has a deep effect on your listeners. With a saxophone player, a sound with a powerful tone resonates throughout the space. Exactly what you’d be needing for the cocktail hour of your event when booking a music gig.

Experience also age

Saxophone Player For Studio Recording

So much goes down when using a saxophone player for studio recording. From setting the mic to micing for tone, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to work with some novice playing stacked note in a right music gig. Get yourself a professional to get your desired tone. Shola Emmanuel is not just a saxophonist in Atlanta GA, He has been recorded in over 24 countries of the world.

“Story Story” recording session of Shola Emmanuel in Paris

Saxophone Player with Great Sight-Reading Skills for Orchestra Scores

Sight-reading is not for the amateurs. For a saxophone player, he/she must have learned and practiced music in such a way that it has not just become a part but of a whole of their being.
A saxophone player with great sight-reading skills makes music gigs enjoyable as he/she is familiar with rhythms, knows key signatures, scales and is always ready to deliver.

Saxophone Player for Broadway Shows

Beyond being a saxophonist in Atlanta GA, do you want your tickets to sell fast for your Broadway show? Then you should consider the kind of content you expose your audience to. The jazz music is a good way to start a Broadway show, evidently a show is not complete until there’s the presence of music.

Not just some kind of music but the jazz kind of music played on by a professional saxophonist in an alluring costume.

See this video of Shola Emmanuel performing at historic medical theatre in Georgia

Saxophone Player for Cruise Ships And Tours

Aha! An astounding sight-reading saxophonist is your best bet for your tours and cruise ships when considering such music gigs. One with the ability to transcend from being a performer to an entertainer. You wouldn’t want to have a long boring tour, a good saxophone player for cruise ships and tours will give you music variety to accommodate different audiences and travelers to the relaxation they desire.

For a cruise ship music gigs and tips, contact via afrojazz_saxophonist_atlanta 🔵 (@sholaeml) • Instagram photos and videos

Saxophone Player for Movie Score And Productions

Evidently, the role of jazz in modern music is invaluable. What then do we say about their prominence in film? Just as it is to the modern-day music gigs so it is to the modern-day drama gigs– film. Even though the style of music is dependent on the time-setting of the film. Regardless, a saxophone player is not limited.

Saxophone Player with Acting Skills

A saxophone player with acting skills is a professional who does not just blow the horns but is well trained on how to intertwine his/her acting prowess with musical skills. Acting to a saxophone player is not just an instrument but an interesting way to get the audience excited to want to see you on their screens always.

Playing a saxophone and having an acting skill involves high level of commitment and training. Interestingly, playing a saxophone makes it easy to learn acting. As seen with Fred MacMurray 1909 – 1991. He featured in movies like Minded Professor in the year 1961, Double Indemnity in year 1944 amongst so many others music gigs.


Are you a Nigerian, African jazz lover, or a fan of afrobeat in the diaspora looking for the unique taste of afrobeat at your special event and ceremonies? Welcome to the music gig of an erudite Nigerian music player Shola Emmanuel.

He plays all kinds of afrobeat songs in style, ranging from popular afrobeat songs to original jazz classics on a single music gig; soul, blues, hip hop, and more. Afrobeat songs like that of legendary Fela Kuti, not limited to artists like Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, also covers a wide range of modern-day music in the western world.

Sax player

Are you looking to book the best saxophonist in Atlanta GA? Jazz saxophonist, that can provide a variety of entertainment for your event and music gigs?  You’ve come to the right sax player.

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Music Interpreter

The process and procedures behind music interpretation is not for novices. As it requires a professional, who has an ear for sound. To have an ear for music is different from one who understands musical sounds. For a saxophone player, the ability to interpret music should be paramount. As it enables the audience to understand what is been performed. Aside giving the audience a good sound to listen to through bunch of notes, an interpreter must be able to make them see the story, characters, moods and melodies embedded in the performance.

During speech communication, the sender tries as much as possible to bring listeners to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the message being communicated. Which involves, the pitch, volume, tone and speed of your voice, so it is with music interpretation. Depending on the type of audience a saxophone player is performing to, a lay man will only comprehend the performance based on their level of understanding. This is way different from a class of audience that are properly schooled in music.

More of a reason why you shouldn’t get just-any-random saxophone player you find around you. With Shola Emmanuel for your event, your audience will not just see a performance but will have something to take home with – a life time transformation.

Famous African Saxophone Players

For old school African saxophone players: the heritage players, Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango are great Tenor saxophonists, and many more African American saxophone players like Dexter Johnson, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Rollins, Lucky Thompson, and so many others.

Pictures of Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango, Dexter Johnson, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane

Modern famous African saxophone players list in no particular order is incomplete without the best of Shola Emmanuel, Mike Aremu, Isaiah Katumwa, Jerry Omole, Segun Atoyebi, Yomi Oyelade, Imole Ayo Balogun, and also a few renowned South African jazz players like Ayo Solanke, Ndabo Zulu and the likes.

Shola Emmanuel, Mike Aremu, Isaiah Katumwa, Jerry Omole and Segun Atoyebi

saxophone types

Sometimes it is not just enough being a professional, using the right saxophone type in the right music gig adds up to your skill.

Are you a saxophonist desiring to buy the right saxophone? The first thing you should consider is the different types of saxophones.


  1. Soprano Saxophone
  2. Alto Saxophone
  3. Tenor Saxophone
  4. Baritone Saxophone


  1. Sopranino Saxophone
  2. Sopraninissimo
  3. Bass Saxophone
  4. Contrabass Saxophone
  5. Subcontrabass Saxophone
  6. C Melody Saxophone


  1. Selmer Paris
  2. Yamaha
  3. Yanagisawa
  4. Elkhart
  5. Cannonball
  6. Keilwerth
  7. Conn-Selmer
  8. Borgani
  9. Trevor James
  10. Jupiter
  11. Eastman/Andreas


  1. Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L+92D+PB
  2. Jean Paul AS-400SP
  3. Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L+92D
  4. Glory (Black & Gold)
  5. Eastar AS-II
  6. Lyxjam Alto Saxophone
  7. Yamaha YAS-280
  8. Glarry EB E-flat Saxophone
  9. Etude EAS – 100
  10. Herche Superior AS-630
  11. Yamaha YAS-280
  12. Jupiter JAS710GN
  13. Kaizer 1000 Series
  14. Mendini by Cecilio
  15. Jean Paul USA TS-400
  16. Yamaha YTS-26
  17. Selmer TS711
  18. Mendini by Cecilio E Flat
  19. Yamaha YAS-480
  20. Selmer SAS280 La Voix II
  21. Yamaha YAS-26
  22. Prelude AS711


  1. Yamaha YAS 480
  2. Mauriat 57GC
  3. Allora Vienna Series
  4. Yamaha YAS-280
  5. Jean Paul USA TS-400
  6. Conn
  7. Selmer PAS-380V
  8. Buffet 400 Series
  9. Mauriat Le Bravo
  10. Trevor James SR


  1. Jupiter JAS1100SG
  2. Jean Paul AS-400
  3. Selmer TS44
  4. Selmer AS42
  5. Yamaha YAS-62
  6. Yamaha YAS-82ZII
  7. Mauriat PMXT-66R
  8. C-G-Conn-Vintage-Saxophones
  9. Buescher Aristocrat tenor (circa 1937
  10. Cannonball A5-B ICE B.
  11. Premium Alto Raven (Black-Nickel Body)
  12. Yanagisawa s901 soprano
  13. Selmer Signet tenor (with S brace).
  14. York C-melody silver sax.


  1. Guitar Center
  2. Sam Ash Music Store
  3. Carere Music Inc
  4. USA Horn, Inc. The Boston Sax Shop
  5. LLC
  6. Sax Alley
  7. Saxquest
  8. KB SAX
  9. Miller’s Saxophone Shop
  10. Roberto’s Winds
  11. Virtuosity Musical Instruments
  12. JL Woodwind Repair
  13. Massullo Music
  14. P M Woodwind Repair
  15. Tenor Madness
  16. Meridian Winds
  17. Orange Coast Sax Shop
  18. LLC
  19. Union Music Company
  20. David’s, Instrument Repair
  21. Horn Connection
  22. Sam Ash Music Stores
  23. Music Village instrument store
  24. Fleming Musical Instruments and Repair
  25. Kolacny Music
  26. Chicago Music Store
  27. Strait Music Company
  28. Orlando’s Wind Instruments
  29. Michon’s
  30. Schmitt Music
  31. Buddy Roger’s Music Showroom
  32. Summerhays
  33. Music Center
  34. Ward-Brodt Music
  35. Dillon Music
  36. Kessler & Sons Music
  37. The Trading Musician



Kind of music – Shola Emmanuel
Christmas Party – Shola Emmanuel



– Saxophone’s Performance
– Choir/ Band Directing
– Music Orchestration
– Song Arrangements
– Concert/ Album Production
– Tour and Live Musicians
– Sound Editing/ Designing