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afrobeat jazz saxophonist

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Your next event may be a special one with afrobeat jazz saxophonist in your birthday party, wedding, or corporate holiday celebration. Whatever it is, a Solo saxophonist with backing tracks is sufficient when you hire the best to get a more memorable performance for you and your guests.

Note for solo saxophone players: To accompany your music, you’ll need the right instrumentalist for the job.

Whether you’re looking to have an entire orchestra backing you or just one person to play the saxophone on a few of your songs, these solo sax videos by Shola Emmanuel are sure to inspire you to hire this musician for your next gig. In fact, they’re so inspiring that they just might inspire you to pick up the saxophone yourself! Or at least learn how to play it so that when you perform with Shola Emmanuel, he can say he has never worked with anyone better than you. Right?

afrobeats jazz saxophonist
afrobeat jazz saxophonist


Solo sax is one of those instruments that can add an elegant touch to just about any setting.

Music venues often hire soloists for events—weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, and more—and when they do, it’s always great to be able to reference some incredible live sax performances.

Shola Emmanuel has put together a series of beautiful solo sax cover videos so you can watch his skills in action as the best afrobeat jazz saxophonist.

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Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination.

Wanting your guests to go home talking about more than just how much fun they had? Book live saxophone entertainment for your next event.

The hot saxophone videos below are sure to inspire you: Look at that precision, those smiles, and that swagger!

Let Shola Emmanuel give you some much-needed entertainment inspiration with these solo performances of popular music. (Not only will your guests leave inspired, but they’ll also be humming along long after he performs.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start booking entertainment for your special occasion, though, keep in mind that hiring the right musician can make or break your event’s success.  Below are some tips to help you choose and book the best saxophone player in Atlanta, GA, and other major cities throughout the country.

Hiring a solo saxophone player typically costs between $300 and $500 per hour, depending on travel time and distance.  Hiring a wedding saxophonist typically costs between $500 and $1000 per hour, depending on travel time and distance.

Professional saxophonists are soloists, which means they’re used to playing in front of an audience. They don’t have to share attention with any other musicians.

The easiest way to find an appropriate saxophone player is through social media. Note that you will need to book in advance to guarantee availability.

A saxophone player typically performs as part of an ensemble, but they can also play solo. A solo performance is usually more suited to cocktail hours and small venues, while a saxophone ensemble is better for large events such as weddings or corporate gigs.

The best way to find out how much it costs to hire saxophone players is to call and ask. Some solo saxophonists may charge an hourly rate while others may charge by event.

You should expect your sax player to arrive on time and be prepared. They should be ready to play at any given moment, knowing what pieces you want to hear as well as how long you want them to play for.


The multiverse Nigerian Afrobeats Saxophone player, Shola Emmanuel is a saxophone player and recording artist who interprets Jazz at the core of its actual provenance, Africa.

His signature essence tailors and blends traditional African rhythm with western style pizzazz, the result is a unique Warm, and soulful tune that soothes the heart and delights the ears.

Shola made his first international appearance as a trumpet player at the LeZènith stage in Paris, followed by a performance before a crowd of 80,000 with Andy Narell at the South African jazz Art alive festival in 1999.

He didn’t start playing the Saxophone until 2004 and has not put it down since.
Traveling over 70 countries on all continents, Shola has toured with Andy Narell, Stevie Wonder, Enja of France, Soul band, Rhythm & Sax Orchestra, and Hugh Masekela, among many other collaborative performances on recordings and as a band director and music educator.

His bolstering musical expertise is a three-way street that allows him to share his music, culture, and the gospel.

Shola, a multidimensional talent is not just a fine musician and saxophone player but also an adept IT professional, Database Administrator, and an MBA in Digital Marketing from Wharton School.

In his leisure time, Shola enjoys taking trips and cooking with his family.
He believes that “ there is music in everyone and everything around us if only we’d just stop and listen to feel the rhythm”.

Shola looks forward to passing down an ear for good music to the next generation and shares this with his daughter Lu.

~ Music is Life

Shola Says

Music is a three-way street that allows me to share my music, culture, and the gospel!
Shola Emmanuel