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Atlanta Saxophone Player

Atlanta Saxophone Player Georgia - soprano saxophone

Atlanta Saxophone Player Georgia

Shola Emmanuel, a versatile Nigerian Afrobeats saxophonist, and Atlanta Saxophone Player in Georgia interpret jazz by starting with its true source, Africa. Emmanuel is also a recording artist.

His distinctive technique tailors and fuses traditional African rhythm with western style pizzazz, creating a singular Warm, soulful song that soothes the heart and pleases the ears.

He plays as a solo musician, a full band for wedding entertainment, corporate events, drinks reception, and a wide range of repertoire in the Atlanta GA area.

At the LeZènith stage in Paris, Shola made his debut as a trumpet player for an audience of 80,000 people. This was followed in 1999 by a performance with Andy Narell in front of the South African jazz Art alive festival.

He didn’t start playing the saxophone until 2004, and the wow factor since then continued to perform jazz standards alongside great players in Duluth and musicians of other instruments in Georgia, including bass guitarists, jazz drummers, trumpet players, tenor saxophone players, acoustic guitar singers, and classical musicians to bass guitar icons.

Shola worked on records and toured in over 73 countries across all continents with artists such as Hugh Masekela, who is a Grammy awards winner, the Soul Band, the Rhythm & Sax Orchestra, Andy Narell, Stevie Wonder, Enja of France, and many others. She has also worked as a band director and music educator.

His growing musical knowledge is a three-way street that enables him to spread the gospel, his music, and his culture.

Shola is a multidimensional artist who holds degrees in digital marketing from the Wharton School of Business, database administration, and superb musicianship on the saxophone.

The famous Atlanta Saxophone Player likes to travel and cook with his family in his free time and also enjoys listening to saxophonists play songs like a careless whisper.

Shola shares this with his daughter Lu and looks forward to fostering the next generation’s appreciation of fine music.

If we would simply stop, stop, stop, and listen to sense the beat, there is music in everyone and everything around us, according to him.

Looking For Saxophone Player in Atlanta

Are you looking for a unique and dynamic way to spice up your next event? Exciting afrobeats music from an Atlanta saxophone player does it all for you.

Hire a saxophone player that brings the exciting sounds of Nigerian afrobeats music to the party! Whether you’re looking for a high-energy performance or some more laid-back tunes, hiring a saxophonist in the person of Shola Emmanuel to offer everyone is your best shot.

Atlanta Saxophone player

What is Afrobeats Music?

Afrobeats music is a unique and dynamic form of music, originating from Nigeria and popularized throughout the African continent. It has been gaining popularity in the United States in recent years and has become the go-to genre for many music lovers.

Afrobeats typically feature vibrant dance rhythms, along with horns, keyboards, and percussion instruments, as well as lyrics in African languages.

Adding an Atlanta saxophone player to your event is a great way to bring in an extra element of excitement and energy. A saxophonist performing the unique sound of the Afrobeats style of music that’s sure to get your audience dancing.

Atlanta saxophonist, Shola Emmanuel offers a memorable experience that will make your event stand out, whether he plays classic Nigerian Afrobeats music or remix well-known songs into an Afrobeats style.

So, if you’re looking for a unique twist on Afrobeats music for your next event, consider hiring the best Atlanta saxophone player to bring the party to life!

With over 7 years of experience in the Atlanta area, Shola Emmanuel is more than qualified to bring live entertainment to any occasion.

The best thing about working with Atlanta saxophone player, Shola Emanuel? You don’t need any special equipment because he’ll have his own instrument on hand for your event!

He provides high-quality performance and rates are extremely competitive. The only thing left to do now is picking a date so that you can make it happen!

In recent years, afrobeats music has become one of the most popular music genres in Africa. With its vibrant rhythms and upbeat tempo, afrobeats music is sure to get everyone on their feet and dancing the night away! And with the added element of an Atlanta saxophone player, your event will be sure to be a success.

Your event will be elevated by hiring a skilled saxophonist like Shola Emmanuel, who will provide your guests with an unforgettable experience they’ll be talking about for weeks.

Saxophone Musician In Atlanta, GA

Every music artist has a thing or two that influences their style of music and for Shola Emmanuel, it is not any different. Music is unifying, and uplifting and adds essence to any event, it adds value to the moment depending on what you choose to do with it at the time. Though the essence of music influences how an artist expresses himself but more importantly is what drives the artist from within.

This could be the drive to correct societal ills, the need to speak about love and hatred, or talk about a life experience that can be a saving grace for another soul, otherwise, an artist may just be producing noise. 

Therefore, Shola’s style choice is seen in how he shares his music, culture, and gospel. This is why people from Nigeria and beyond subscribe to his music which goes a long way to define his music as a universal language. And though his music can move anyone to the dance floor both children and adults, young and old, it is still not for the faint in listening. It is for those who can internalize and externally express their inner emotions while having fun.  

For the culture, Shola expounds “the dimension African music took has always fascinated me and guided me in my own musical journey with concerns…that is why I named my AfroJazz…my music is standardized and sometimes relates with folks like Richard Bona.

Please note that the locations of performances in Atlanta vary based on the type of event, Shola can be found playing at lake city, lithia springs, Duluth Atlanta ga, pine lake, stone mountain, red oak, union city, college park, Avondale estates, and with a perfect vendor, it could be background music at wedding party or events at the city capitol.

How Atlanta's Saxophone Player is Keepin' the Gospel Alive: Podcast

Atlanta is home to a vibrant and diverse music culture, and one of its own saxophone players is keeping the gospel alive through its music. With the blend of peace faction, raised on the third day, artificially intelligent, and corinthians 15, the artist is bringing a new sound to the gospel.

Not only is Shola Emmanuel creating state-of-the-art music, but he is also incorporating cultural stories and the word of God in his lyrics. By doing so, he is helping to spread the gospel throughout Atlanta and beyond. Join us as we explore how this Atlanta saxophone player is keeping the gospel alive.

The Atlanta saxophone player is a vital figure in the city’s gospel, music, and culture. His presence brings a sense of peace and faction to those who appreciate his talent.

Raised on the Third Day, a belief system based on Corinthians 15, he brings state-of-the-art music to the ears of many. As a son of God, his cultural stories provide a sense of belonging and acceptance. Furthermore, his word Gospel paints an image of salvation and hope for those in attendance. 

The saxophone player helps to keep the Gospel alive by providing a unique interpretation and sound that can be enjoyed by all. Through his creative stylings, listeners are inspired to embrace their culture and learn more about faith-based music. Even in times of doubt, the music created by this artist has the ability to transcend any mood.

Overall, the saxophone player is an inspirational figure in the Atlanta community and beyond. His artistry and spirit bring joy and enlightenment to those who hear him perform. With each note he plays, he spreads the message of love, compassion, and hope throughout the world.