Hardcore Sax Player (Encore)

hardcore sax player

Our precious tale of passion and truth

Starts with a man with a sax in hand

A man that produces sound so silky and smooth

A one man show – not a group, not a band

Human with the touch of the divine

Enlightened musician – such a marvelous star

With blessed virtue – and essence that shines

Creating a sound that reaches you wherever you are

A sensation that nobody truly believes

Until they hear the tune of jazz and romance

Their stress? It leaves! The pain? It’s eased!

Hardcore sax player… plays with no dissonance

The single player that merges his soul

With the instrument he holds proudly and strong

Into his saxophone he goes and melts his heart whole

Hardcore Sax Player! – Play a song, play a song…

The curtain calls for a dazzling show

The audience stands and beckons the glory

The best seats in the house are on the front row

Where you can witness first hand this amazing story

Told by the player of a pornographic sax with great delight

For the people that open their hearts to his sound

Introducing passion this wonderful night

Because of all the sax players – he’s the best around

No one compares to the one that plays with conviction

Hardcore sax player, it is you the only one

That can play in such manner – absolute perfection

Brilliant and unique – Competition to none

Hardcore sax player, your talent is influential

Through the saxophone you’re working in magical ways

Tonight you’re exploiting your true potential

How laud! And amazing! The audience is dazed.

Hardcore Sax

Powerful inclination for the beautiful tune

Hardcore sax player, you’ve got a gift

And a light that shines as bright as the moon

You act as a beacon that invites and uplifts

Channeled through jazz, you resonate within

You cleanse every heart, remove all woes

No matter the amount of pain that you’re in

You make the world beautiful when you’re music flows

Silence has been forever broken

By the spell of your music, so glamorous

And inside every heart, love has awoken

Every melody, romantic and amorous

Enchanting the eardrums of everyone the same

Of all ages, all sizes, all backgrounds

The hearsay of jazz – undying flame

Take control with your beautiful sounds!

A collection of cheers – the clinking of glass

The smiles and laughter echo around

I declare a toast! For the sweet sound of jazz

Hardcore sax player, you’re the best in town!

Though the expressions of arts have rained down on you

And the applause has deafened and dazzled it all

There’s no amount of words that could describe everything you do

Number one – You remain undefeated, standing tall!

All the praise in the world wouldn’t suffice

It wouldn’t be enough to say you’re exceptional

To get lost in your song – unlimited paradise

Hardcore sax player, you’re a musical professional!

Your might is unmatched, your sound is exclusive

Your powerful song is unique and elegant

You transport me to dreams, beautiful and elusive

As a beautiful muse that heaven sent.

The night ends with the crisp strike of chords

A memorable performance – charming and powerful

Unspoken, unbroken, unbound by words

Hardcore sax player – uniquely wonderful

You’re one of a kind – Untamed, wild and amazing

Rejoice in your success and bask in your glory!

And listen to the chant of people praising!

You’ve written a chapter in this book of story

Forever engraved in the hearts of many

Lovers will tell the story of the man that played that night

They’ll speak of his talent and passion of plenty

And brag about his skill and his endless might

The hardcore sax player – directing the crowd

The impact of your sounds shines through their faces

Receiving the cheer – you stand tall and proud

And indulge in your triumph into good graces

Hardcore sax player, you’re truly sensational!

You make the world a better place by being alive

Majestic music and a sound so inspirational!

Please play your song and help me thrive!

Electrifying buzz from a virtuous player

A piece of art that’s played through strains

Complexity and masterwork that evoke in every layer

And awaken the passion that flows through my veins

Triggering a jolt of energy, a surge of emotion

My every sense is conquered by the harmony

And I shed a tear of joy while I listen with devotion

The memory of jazz lives inside me eternally

With vigorous music that hypnotizes

Foolproof performance that burns inside

The soulful jazz that mesmerizes

Hardcore sax player, you’re singular and sublime.