Looking for a birthday surprise for him and for her? See this first

Birthday tricks sometimes are difficult to pull, maybe this is because it’s an annual celebration and most times leaves one short of ideas. But then, just as the spring never dries up, the human brain can never go void of ideas. Check this out for a birthday surprise for him and for her.

Hop in as I show you tricks that can make him or her go all gaga for you, lol.


  1. Get a Customized Jersey

This is for the sport lovers, especially the kind of man that loves and craves football. Give him a surprise on his special day by customizing the jersey of his favorite club with his name crested behind.


Believe me, this dude will love you twice as much! Hahahaha.

birthday surprise for him and for her








  1. Romantic Getaways

Is there a place that he has been longing to visit? Why not plan a getaway to the place. Depending on the location, you can spice it up by booking a hotel around the area.

Spend days with him there, make sure you give him the treats he deserves. This will make him feel so special.

birthday surprise for him and for her








  1. Give Him a Special Package Delivery

This will definitely sweep him off his feet. Imagine a very busy and stress filled day at work and then you bump into him with all colors of balloons, gift boxes with his colleagues making the cheers and singing all sweet songs of happy birthday.

You’ve made his day!

birthday surprise for him and for her








  1. Get Together

You should know his cliques, what defines them and the things that they are driven by. Plan a get together, invite his friends and make available all that they’d need – food, drinks, games etc.

Make him feel so special by showering him with all kinds of gifts, also inform his friends to come with a special gift package for his special day. Trust me, this dude will never forget you in a hurry.

birthday surprise for him and for her







  1. In-Home Romantic Dinner

In-home romantic dinner is top notch. Set up candle lights, prepare his favorite meal. Get the atmosphere all glary with his favorite colors glooming.

Get the dinning well decorated with spices of love in form of gift packages. Invite him home, get back here and thank me. Lol

birthday surprise for him and for her







  1. Create a Photo Collage

This involves extra work especially if you are not married yet, surprise him by collating his old pictures, especially those of his childhood.

Make a story out of it, attach them to a beautifully designed album with a short note in the front page.

Say what? Say what? He’ll love you always

birthday surprise for him and for her







  1. Make Him a Fabric

A fabric made of African descent will go well for a typical Nigerian man. Make sure that he is not aware of this, get his tailor/designer to make him a wear that he has been longing to have.

To add up to this, get him a matching pair of shoes for the cloth, he’d sure love it.

birthday surprise for him and for her







  1. Plan a Gift Box

A gift box filled with his favorites is one way to go. One item most men are fond of is wristwatch. A designer wristwatch should be the center of focus here, then you can decide to include sets of cufflinks, tie, a nice-looking pen and a notepad.

birthday surprise for him and for her








  1. Take Her Out for a Makeover

Well, this is the real deal for most ladies now. Before her special day, take keen observation on the best Mua she will like to pamper her face. Surprise her by taking her there for a makeover.

When she’s done, arrange a photo session for her. Crown it up with a surprise new dress, a pair of shoe and jewelries.

birthday surprise for him and for her







  1. Surprise Birthday Cake

Most ladies are cake lovers, hardly will you come across one that is not. Yes, gifts will do, outings and trips but make sure that there’s the presence of a sweet looking cake.

birthday surprise for him and for her







  1. In-Home Romantic Dinner

I mentioned earlier that this is top notch and applies to both sexes. Your lady will love to see that all the while you knew her favorite meal, favorite color and you understand the right way to make her feel good.

A beautiful background music of her favorite artist will do.

birthday surprise for him and for her







  1. Fun day with friends

Perhaps her birthday falls on the day you are having a busy schedule, make arrangements for a fun day with her friends. Provide everything they’d need and make sure you don’t forget to send a gift package to her.

birthday surprise for him and for her







  1. Shopping Vouchers

With a shopping voucher, you have given her a one-way ticket to buy anything of her choice. No girl will refuse this and she will forever remember this day.

You can decide to make the voucher two or even more, that way you are not limiting her shopping.


birthday surprise for him and for her








  1. Start With a Birthday Countdown

Nothing makes a woman feel so special than you letting her know that she is the only woman in your life, by publicly introducing her through a birthday countdown on social media.

She will feel beyond special with the awareness that you are concerned about her making her anticipate the surprise package you have for her on her special day.

birthday surprise for him and for her






  1. Get a Vendor Deliver a Gift Basket

Before breaking the ice, you can get a vendor deliver a well decorated gift box to her with more than a handful of the favorite stuff she likes for example jewelries, a pair of shoes, box of chocolates, a card, small birthday cake, a frame of her etc.

Click to see a list of vendors around you.

birthday surprise for him and for her






  1. Go on a road trip

Make plans for a road trip to her favorite location. Make provisions for picnic box, hotel bookings.

Play games, sit at twilight and do the most fun things with her.




Note that, birthdays are not just reminders but are days utilized properly to create the most beautiful memories out of it.


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