Pornographic Sax Player

pornographic sax

Pornographic sax, nothing could compare

Strumming along with the music with a stunning snare

Enjoyment at its finest – cheer and pleasure

A passion and a drive – a love that has no measure

Pornographic sax, enchant me with your rhapsody

Transform me with your tune – A real-life fantasy

Forever burned into my memory –  No exaggeration, no drama

When I hear the sounds you make, I know I’ve reached nirvana.


A soft harmony is the protagonist of the act

It creeps through your ears, causing anyone to react

A beautiful evening hosted by a talented musician

Playing the sounds of an artful composition

Silky smooth sounds that are sultry and captivating

Feeling it deep in your core, every sense activating

The wonderful sensation of the sound of jazz

Invading my body nice and fast

Touching every corner of my clinging soul

The sweet tone of music that envelops me whole

The echoing melody sets my body apart

Transforms me to a place that soothes my aching heart

It heals, it cleanses, it releases my verve

Romantic intonation that soothes my every nerve.


Pornographic sax, simply erotic

Indulge me with a sound so perfectly hypnotic

Forbidden desires uncovered by thrills

Surrounds me with a passion that gives me chills

Pornographic sax, what a piece of work

I love every sound, every beat, every quirk

Quaking pulsations that control my reaction

And feed my hunger to persuade my satisfaction


Unity is encouraged through romance in a song

Nice and strong. In the arms of jazz is where I belong

I lose myself in tunes, like the melody of “Casablanca”

Proving that the sound of jazz is my truest lingua franca

And you cannot forget “Don’t cry for me Argentina”

Because it’s a masterful work, a beautiful sonatina

Any sound or song adapted and played with poise

Turns it into art and not just senseless noise

Oracle of seduction all morphed into one

All connotations of it – I’m a real big fan

Pornographic sax, the tool of every sage

Crating loving music that doesn’t quit with age

Shola Emmanuel, Sonny Stitt, and Mr. Arthur Blythe

Are they all forerunners of the sounds we hear tonight?

pornographic sax player

Pornographic sax, zealous and heated

Uniquely wonderful, like a dream unrepeated

Entranced in your glory, warm and superior

The harmony takes over-cleansing my interior

Pornographic sax, a melody that’s rising anew

Imbues a surge of eagerness inspired in you

The careful touch of soul and essence

Simply makes my knees tremble at your presence


Reverberating, thrilling, disarming

Surrender my soul to a sound so charming

Unmatched passion for flavor and tune

The vibration of jazz that takes me up to the moon

The Sax Player plays to set the mood

Lays down his essence all bear and nude

Adjust the tenor with shadowed glory

With love vibration that tells the great story

Of pornographic sax in full expression

During every second of his mellow, buzzing session

The artist doubles down with an amazing presentation

That only accentuates my complete mind’s elation

Pleasant resonance that vibrates within me

Pornographic sax… I’m your faithful devotee.