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2. Afrobeat: The New Dance Music

Traditional rituals of self expression

Painting the sky with colors

As the bodies move

And skin shines

Proudly presenting the hues

And the people dance to the beat of our blood

Perpetuating the motion of our nature

As a veneration to our history

And we sway night and day

In perfect sync

With our African culture.


The community of beats

Is an invitation of happiness

That invokes truth and unity

As the people come together

In cheerful moves

The smiles and the beats

Are one with the wind

As we make our dreams turn into a reality

And you can feel it in your heart

You can sense it with your mind

The music comes to life through our steps

And the hands are thrown up in the air

It’s a soul in motion

Reviving the will of our ancestors

Immortalizing our sounds

Into the world of the new.


Listen to the soft chants of joy

They will guide your steps

And protect your intentions

As you let go of your inhibitions

And feel the beats of our music

Taking control of every inch.



The new dance music

A sound inspired by the roots of a country

That will not falter

And will not give up

A place full of wonders

And fruitful blessings

With the protection of the sun and the moon

And the guidance of our inherited wisdom.



Let the rhythm of our people

Stimulate your every sense

Feel it deep inside you

And indulge.

Our tender beats of passion

Echo across the world

As our essence lives on

In the most pure practice

Of love and honor.

3. Saxophonists Are Lovers

Saxophonists are lovers

Because they take pain and sorrow

And they turn it into music

Transforming the negative energy

Into love

Into passion.


Saxophonists are lovers because they caress their woodwinds

They dig deep into their souls

And extract these smooth sounds of jazz

While we remain vigilant upon a world

That has been blessed by their melody

Saxophonists melt their essence

            into their instrument

They pour their heart out

And sacrifice a piece of themselves

To create their beautiful music.


Saxophonists are determined

They defeat all the obstacles

Because there is no reward with no effort

And their passion fills up any room

Through their smooth sounds of jazz.


Saxophonists are strong

Their mind goes over their bodies

As they squeeze out their lungs

Blowing into their brass

To give us the sounds

That we’re all cheering for.


Saxophonists are skilled

Because their talent is real

And their raw potential is multiplied

By the consistency of their efforts

As they reach the stars

And achieve success.


Saxophonists are smooth

Because their silken spell of chimes

Soothes any soul

And calms any mind

Feeding the hearts

With blues and jazz.


Saxophonists are lovers because they heal the world

They mystify the meaning of jazz and blues

And add their unique flair to the sounds

Leaving their mark in the world

And touching hearts

As they elevate their performance

With human emotion

And delicate touch.


Saxophonists are lovers because they don’t hold back

They give it all for their music

Any means necessary.

Saxophonists are humans

That have evolved into messengers

Of divine sounds

That echo in the soul.

Saxophonists are lovers because they would never destroy

All they do is create

And make art.

4. Jazz Saxophonists Work Hard and Play Hard

Work hard, play hard

A Saxophonist is but a vessel

A vehicle for blessings

A human version of symphony

That reverberates within any bounds

Breaking through the barriers

Expanding the horizons

Spreading joy and glory

With their soulful art

As they enter a life of glamour

That rewards their efforts

With the soft touch of Jazz.


Work hard, play harder

A Saxophonist knows their role

And they’re aware of their importance

But they remain humble

Even through the praises

Because they know that the path they follow

Paves the way for more talent

As they think of the ones that came before them

And inspired their journey

Into the road of music.


Work hard, play hard

A Saxophonist’s job is to please

They know that without their input

The world wouldn’t be the same

The sounds would have no impact

The songs would have no harmony

Saxophonists work hard

And they play even harder

To deliver a selfless offering

Of pure talent

And raw passion

As Jazz comes alive with the punch of metals

But it requires taste

And skillful mastery

Of the beautiful craft

Saxophonists are artists

And they tame the wild

Through their brass

And create the most perfect balance

Of power and grace

Producing a delicate sound

That ropes you in

And enchants you

Without startling you at any moment

Without letting you fall

The sound of Jazz embraces you

Envelops you.


Jazz Saxophonists work hard, they play hard

They do all that they can to give us amazing music

And make the world a better place.

5. Sax Player, Play Me Some Love

Saxophone Player

Play me some love!

And show me the sounds of the heavens above.

A lot of people have taken for granted

The sweet sound of Jazz

But they don’t know what they’re missing!

They ain’t got no class!

Brass of Gold and sounds of metals

That flow through nature as falling petals.


Saxophone Player

Play me some blues!

Amuse and delight me

            With a sound I can’t refuse!

Cruise through the scriptures with artful ease

Saxophone Player!

Play me a Masterpiece!

And invade my senses while I feel the breeze

Of a brand new day that has been blessed by your graceful music.


Saxophone Player

Play me some tunes!

Let the waves bounce around across this empty room

Make me swoon through the day

            and into the afternoon

So the sound of your love

            Will take control of me soon

While it has me singing

            and howling at the moon.


Saxophone Player

Play me a song!

Make me feel like nothing’s wrong!

And create a new world for me

One where I belong.

Heal my soul! And I’ll sing along

With the sound of the Sax that makes my head lighter

            And my heart strong.


Saxophone Player

Play me a hit!

Evoke my deepest emotions

Bit by bit

While you transmit the means of your soul

Through the clean sounds that you emit.

Saxophone Player!

Play me your golden tone!

As the enchanting melody of the Saxophone

Transports me to a world of my own

Where I’m never sad and never alone

And that’s the greatest feeling

            I’ve ever known.

6. African Jazz Is My Way of Life

African Jazz is my way of life

Because it honors the sounds of nature

Combining them with the beat of the drums

And making the songs come alive

With the powerful blast of brass

As the influence of our roots

Goes deep into the rivers

That flow through my heart

And feed my essence

With the soulful tenor

And silken grace

In the most profound embrace

Of my loving culture.


African Jazz is my way of life

It resonates with my disposition

And fills my heart with pride

I hold my head high and take in the music

And I can’t help but experience

A profound feeling of admiration

Of those who create

These astounding sounds

Reviving the beats of our people

Perpetuating our race

And glorifying our traditions.


African Jazz is my way of life

And what a good life it is

Always in glee

From the influence

Of the enchanting tunes

That boost my pleasure

And allow me to enjoy

Every moment of my days

Without forgetting

The beautiful place where I come from.


African Jazz is my way of life

It’s a part of who I am

I carry it in my blood

And in my manners

In my walk

The songs of Africa

Are ingrained into my soul

And in the most hip style of Jazz

I ride the wave

Feeling the beat echo into my body

Allowing this wonderful music

To guide my steps

And set the tone

For all the good things in life

African Jazz is joyful

African Jazz is bright

African Jazz is my way of life.

7. Music Interpreter Always Coming Through

An ode to the sounds of glory

A repetition of the greatest songs of our time

A man plays the tunes of yesterday

And a woman sings along

Evoking human connection

And forging the bonds of peace

That unite the people from all walks of life

And fans the flame in the hearts

Of all those who seek warmth

Because the fire of passion

Never dies

Never falter

Never ends.


An interpreter always comes through

A person steps up and comes forward

Stripping away all the layers

With no inhibitions

And sings away like there’s no tomorrow

Or plays an instrument from their heart and soul

Pouring their passion into their performance

Becoming a graceful muse that breaks through the pain

Cleansing the world from sorrow

Putting the corrupted to sleep

With the melody of love

The melody of peace.


A memory is unlocked

By someone who honors the sounds of our soul

And the past is no longer before us

You feel it on your skin

It comes crawling back

Slowly taking over you

And the sadness

And the pain

Or the joy and happiness

It all comes rushing in

As if the moment was repeated

As if you were going through it again

And the music was nurturing you

Revealing a new meaning

That you did not see before

Because personal growth comes with new perspectives

Even through the same songs.


And when the reproduction of these playful chords strikes the heart

A new door cracks open

Granting access to a reality

That has been influenced by music

Through the revival of human nature

In a ritual of love

And you feel different

As soon as the beats enter your ear

And they resonate within you

Your vision changes

Everything becomes brighter

As if it was made better

By music.

8. Nigerian Saxophonist on a Journey

The Saxophone player was from Nigeria

You could tell that his demeanor was serious

He was ready to tame everyone in the area

And make the crowds roar in hysteria.


The Saxophone player held his head very high

He believed in his music and knew he was fly

He’d walk among the people with protection from the sky

And observed his surroundings with a very wistful eye.


The Saxophone player had hopes and dreams

He was willing to take himself through the most extreme

So that he could get the roars and screams

In a concert he’d play in New Orleans.


So he began the journey through the world of new

Traveled across the south and the west and east too

Held his saxophone tight playing all kinds of blues

Carrying Afro jazz in his soul like most Nigerians do.


And he made his way into the streets of the city

There he was, right into the nitty gritty

And the lights of Louisiana were so bright and pretty

The best place for a man who was smart and witty.


“There’s the saxophone player! He’s new in town!

I want him to show me if he can get down”

And as they dared him to perform he did not frown

But played the most beautiful music for everyone around.


“Saxophone player! Your skills delight me!

Your sounds strike me in the heart!

            They make me feel free!

I’m sure everyone here would agree

That your masterful sound filleveryone with glee”


“I have to be honest! I am impressed!

And I meant this, I don’t say it in jest!

I didn’t expect this! You’re different from the rest!

Please, accept my request and by my guest!

I beg you grace, this isn’t a test!

I come from the west and I want to hire you.

If we work together we’ll show the world

            That you’re the best.”

9. Famous Saxophone Players in my Bed

Although it may seem a bit dark and gray

I truly don’t want them to go away!

The playful apparitions

Are the ghosts of great musicians

Some are still alive, some have passed away

A different one visits me at the end of every day

They put me to bed every single night

And I fall asleep listening to their tunes of delight!

They play me songs with their Saxophones

With overtones of jazz and blues.


So I have to tell you…

There are Sax players in my bed!

I swear I see them

            It’s not all in my head!

Last night I was with Kenny G

He polished notes and played for me

“Forever in love” nurtured me into sleep

And the next night I was visited by Sonny Sttit!

He produced his tenor without holding back

As I listened attentively to every track

He was in my bed! He sat next to me!

And I was the happiest I could ever be

Some thing happened and life was getting harder

I felt so empty and like such a martyr

During that night of shadows everything got darker

But then I got the visit of Charlie Parker!

He played jazz for me with style and class

As if his soul was an extension of the shiny brass

And you won’t believe who’s here with me tonight

If it isn’t the one and only Mr. Arthur Blythe!

I’m so lucky to have all these stars in my bed

And it’s not in my head! They’re here in my bed!

Yeah, some of them are dead…

But if you could get in my head

You’d see them

            And believe what I said.

10. South African Jazz Tastes Like My Lady

An overwhelming wave of passion

Goes through my body at once

While these soulful tunes echo inside me

And my nature reacts

To the sweet, sweet sound of Jazz.


South African delight

A melody that tastes like my lady

Sweet and soft

Nice and smooth

I’m hungry for more

I can never get enough.


South African Jazz

The woman I love

I barely see any difference

They make me a better man

They make me whole.


Only one thing can compare

To the sweet sound of my Jazz

As nothing can make me happier

Than my music

And the warm embrace of my lovely woman.


My lifeblood

The only things I’ll ever need

Are my jazz and my woman

And I’ll calm my hunger

Satiate the craving

For exquisite art.


With the tunes I heal my pain

Vibrating with it

I lose myself

And slowly let go

Of my woes and my worries

I let it guide me

Floating into the music

Until I find my peace.



I drown my sorrows

And celebrate my life

As I take a deep dive

Into the body of my paramour.


Oh, South African Jazz

You taste like my lady

And what delicious sensation

To be invaded by the love of music

While my other half makes this world a better place.


A song that feels like a kiss

And the voice of my lady that sounds like a song

I cannot tell which one I love more

Both feed my heart and revive my soul.


South African Jazz

You taste like my lady

You enchant me

And I keep falling in love

With these sweet sounds

And I want more.

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