Music is the Combination of Deliberate
Sounds in a Pre Arranged

Sequence for Pleasant Hearing

A Musician is a Perfectionist.
The Right Sound-Pitch,

Inflection, Tone, Breath, Response.


Desire to Always Improve and Perfect
The Sound, Your Sound,

is a Never-Ending Journey.


In This Journey
The Right Companion

Can Inspire You.


The Right

Can Be Your Ship.


Let Now the Music of Shola Emmanuel
Become a Part of those Guarded Expectations

You Reserve for the Most Important Components of Your journey.

Latest News

  BIOWE (Yoruba for: Out of Proverbs) is a composition based on some popular sayings and proverbs from Western Nigeria. Shola(s) choice of quotes and proverbs, however, leans on subjects about goodness of life, people, experiences and God. According to Shola, BIOWE was conceived while he was preparing to make a presentation on Evolution of African music while at Kennesaw State University, Georgia, United State.

BIOWE ( Out of Proverbs ) is Shola(s) newly released. song of intellectual value, rich in culture and trendy in sound.

Lets describe BIOWE in few sentences –

A song to set your mood. Richly imaginative tune. Melody notes are kept within a reasonable vocal range so that everyone can sing it. Lyrics fit in music. Rhythm stays steady.

Has its natural pause. Excellent saxophone playing that draws you in on each notes.

Standard instrumentation that moves in circle like the earth. Good for relaxing, driving, party, family and friends get together.


Special Appearance 
Woodbury, MN

8th April

 Worship ministration Prophet Fob
Houston Texas

9th April

117 International
Morrisville NC

29th April

Concert Southern Sahara – CPDI Launch & Exhibition 
Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA 

4th June

Concert North Carolina Jazz Repertory Orchestra 
Chapel Hill, NC

11th July

Concert The Howard theater 
Washinton DC

18th July

Concert Blue House Studio 
Washinton DC

12th August

 Concert Mercedes-Benz Superdome New Orleans, LA 
United States 

2nd September

Concert Africa Atlanta Gala Event Historic Georgia Tech School of Medicine & Performance Center 

9th December

Concert Martin Luther King Day 
Atlanta GA

18th January

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We recommend music lessons for you, research from the Institute of Music and Neurological Function has proven the accelerated healing power of music. It enhances intelligence and academic achievement, builds self-esteem and improves discipline. Yeah! It seems most logical to develop the musical ear of children and adults in order to address the effects of music in the brain.

Be served by learned music practitioner from Paris conservatory and Albany university USA respectively, also holds international certificates in arranging and orchestration.

Music theory by a prolific and astute qualified music teacher, has qualifications from ABRSM, Trinity College and a Bachelors in Music Education.

He has perfected the child centered learning and differentiation methods of outstanding teaching and has given the Outstanding.


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Creating a sound rightfully categorized under the genre, World Music. AfroJazz is the jazz enthusiasts dream, a creative blend of music that feeds off traditional African rhythms, maintaining style, class and debonair.

We ENTERTAIN WITH A DIFFERENCE. Performances that stretched the jazz agenda, and carved out a niche that prevails across boarders!

Delicate instrumental arrangements to transport listeners to a special place in this AfroJazz instant classic by Shola Emmanuel


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…Fiery and  intelligent

James Owre

 Unerringly fine music.Shola’s excellent stylish playing draws you in, you hang on each notes, following his train of thought  How powerful

Engr. Bunmi Peters

 Tight-knit, high-energy band (Rhythm & Sax), richly imaginative tunes. It was indeed a high  flying hours of music.

Alain Chokote

 Shola’s playing is characterized by outstanding  precision and finder speed, intonation and breath control


 He’s one of the most influential improviser in jazz and central figure in the  Nigerian music parades

Ronald E. Ashkin

 He’s idolized by those who learn from him, including me  Say a sincere teacher

Femi Paul

 Shola Emmanuel’s band is consistent, innovative  and promising

MaryAnne Ikoku

 That guy is got humility, skills and an obvious   experience anyone can depend on

Engr. William Alli



Comes in a lovely jazzfold card case


 Music is the Combination of Deliberate Sounds in a Pre Arranged Sequence for  pleasant Hearing

Shola Emmanuel


Shola Emmanuel is a talented musician with advance skills in Information Technology, music composer and “interpreter” of jazz the African way.  His musical talents include the trumpet, piano, percussion and teaching. 

The erudite Nigerian Saxophonist is popularly known to many in Nigeria as Shola Sax of the ‘Rhythm and Sax‘ fame, the charismatic founder and leader of the renowned jazz ensemble.

Mr. Emmanuel made his first international appearance as a trumpet player at the LeZènith stage in Paris, followed by a performance before a crowed of 80,000 with Andy Narell at South Africa Art alive festival in 1999. Began to play the saxophone in 2004. He won the 2015 U.S Academia award for best “Live jazz performance” of his original composition Modupe.

Shola(s) bolstering musical expertise is a three-way street that allows him share his musicculture and gospel, which he has successfully done locally and internationally. With his specialization in orchestration.

Shola(s) affinity with music has gone beyond just playing the saxophone to building relationships that bridge gaps, transcends barriers and speaks deeply to those who have come to love his passionate approach to music.

A brief introduction to his collaborations include performances with Bobby Ricketts at the US Department of State’s Art Envoy program; the voyage with French artists Thibault CauvinCAB (Caraïbes Afrique Brésil Mario Canonge – Piano, Blick Bassey – Singer/et Guitarist, Adriano Tenoriodd – Percussionist and America’s Stephan WrembleHenhouse prowlers, recordings with the French International School, also star at Daniel Pearl world music days celebration at Community Hall, the concert theme: Harmony for Humanity, A tribute to Daniel Pearl, James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines by Steven Hendrix.

May 2014 The French Embassy Abuja, Nigeria played host to Shola Emmanuel Rhythm & Sax. 

The Nigerian artists took his unique Style, Afro Jazz across borders and was privileged to associate and network with world class musicians such as Matteo Pastorino-Switzerland, Jean Baptist Pinet-France, Bertrand Bernard-Norweigh, Rafael Paseiro-The congo, Johan Blanc-America, Michele Anna Artiste-France. 

The program agenda included Teaching African Music/Rhythms, excursions, performances and studio recording.

November 2014 The American Embassy Abuja, Nigeria played host to  honor Shola Emmanuel Rhythm & Sax of invitations to perform a series of live concert to the North American audience in the Fall of 2014. Gracing stages from Atlanta Georgia in the deep south to the far reaching New England cities of New York and New Jersey

Welcomed with much awaited applause, the soulful rhythm of Mr. Emmanuel’s blend of African highlife and America swing jazz, was enjoyed in the sanctuaries of some of America’s coziest jazz spots and celebrated performance centers. 

His sharing of music and culture of Africa with the American audience initiated amazing collaborations with noted US artists, students and an eager audience. 

In his bid to align himself with mastery, he has spent time exploring new realms and horizons with masters of his art at the professional music scene, including Quincy JonesKirk WhalumHerbie HancockStingStevie WonderEric MarientalJoshua RedmanRoy HargroveEric Essix, Alicia KeysMary J BligeEsperanzaMuyiwa KunnujiRussell GunnJoe Grendson, amongst others.

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