Lovers and Friends Concert

Sax lovers and friends

Because they take pain and sorrow

And they turn it into music

Transforming the negative energy

Into love

Into passion.


Sax lovers and friends concert caress their woodwinds

They dig deep into their souls

And extract these smooth sounds of jazz

While we remain vigilant upon a world

That has been blessed by their melody

Sax melt their essence

into their instrument

They pour their heart out

And sacrifice a piece of themselves

To create their beautiful music.


Sax lovers and friends concert are determined

They defeat all the obstacles

Because there is no reward with no effort

And their passion fills up any room

Through their smooth sounds of jazz.


Sax lovers and friends are strong

Their mind goes over their bodies

As they squeeze out their lungs

Blowing into their brass

To give us the sounds

That we’re all cheering for.


Sax lovers and friends concert are skilled players

Because their talent is real

And their raw potential is multiplied

By the consistency of their efforts

As they reach the stars

And achieve success.


Sax lovers and friends concert are smooth

Because their silken spell of chimes

Soothes any soul

And calms any mind

Feeding the hearts

With blues and jazz.


Sax lovers and friends concert heal the world

They mystify the meaning of jazz and blues

And add their unique flair to the sounds

Leaving their mark in the world

And touching hearts

As they elevate their performance

With human emotion

And delicate touch.


Sax lovers and friends concert don’t hold back

They give it all for their music

Any means necessary.

Sax lovers and friends concert are humans

That have evolved into messengers

Of divine sounds

That echo in the soul.

Sax lovers and friends concert would never destroy

All they do is create

And make art.


Kind of music – Shola Emmanuel
Christmas Party – Shola Emmanuel



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